What's it all about.

I've been a fan of Battlestar Galactica from the start of the first series. I also dabble in 3d modeling and over the years I have created literally hundreds of spaceship models some of which have been released as Orbiter add-ons. A few weeks ago I started a new project inspired by the Battlestar Galactica and thought that a great way to release it would be as the center piece of my very own Rag Tag Fleet of ships.

How this will work.

Over the coming months I will be releasing ships for the fleet. Some will be new and some will be stuff I have on disk and decided to clean up. Some will be original and some will be inspired by TV shows. This is my fleet so don't be surprised or offended to see a Jupiter 2 or Fireball XL5 flying formation with a Battlestar.

Ships will be released on my timetable. They will have two things in common. They will all play together and they will be modeled by me. I don't use models other people create other than as a reference for my efforts so please don't send me models or request that I use a model someone else has created. I encourage suggestions and comments but listening does not mean I will implement them.

The ships will only be available from this site and I do not give permission for them to be made available anywhere else.

Site lay-out

There will be a news section where I will post ship releases or other relevant project news.
There will be a download page where you can get each ship of the fleet but you will not have to get them all as each one will be a standalone add-on.
All documentation will be online and each ship will have its own page explaining any relevant features. Common features such as Hyper Drive will have a common page.

Last but in no way least

I wish to extend a special thanks to Shawn Beard a.k.a ZCochrane for his work on the flight models, DLL tweaks and many suggestions.

I hope you have as much fun using our fleet as we have had creating it.

Jon Marcure

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